The Sweetest Drip – the making of maple syrup DVD

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Everything you need to know about making maple syrup on 1 DVD!

Total Running Time: 1hr 35min

Follow and learn the entire process of turning maple tree sap into sweet Maple Syrup, and then from syrup into many sweet treats including Maple candy, sugar, lollipops, cream, pecans and more..

Bonus Features:

How to Make Maple Candy
How to Make Maple Lollipops
How to make Maple Sugar
How to make Maple Cream
How to make Maple Nuts
And Also
Layout and Design of your Sugarbush
Tubing: Tools – Parts – Installation – Repair

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The most comprehensive look at maple syrup ever put on DVD!

The Sweetest Drip is a step by step guide to producing your very own maple syrup and maple syrup products!

Join the Ianson’s (eye-ann-sons), a family of master syrup producers, as they teach you the complete process of making delicious maple syrup using the same basic methods that the Native Americans taught us. Learn how to identify and tap maple trees, boil and refine your sap, and finally grade and bottle your very own 100% pure maple syrup!

And no maple leaf is left unturned! The Sweetest Drip will even teach you how to layout and design your own sugar-bush, and show you all the methods and tips used in mastering the sweet art of collecting sap, whether using simple buckets, bags or tubing systems.

Plus learn how to turn your sweet maple syrup into mouthwatering maple lollipops and maple candy, rich maple cream and maple sugar, and even maple nuts… using nothing more than what you have in your kitchen!

Filled with interesting and humorous facts, and shot on site in the beautiful woods of the Northeastern United States, The Sweetest Drip will transport you to a place where maple syrup is more than just a breakfast food… it’s a way of life.

Whether you’re a large producer, a hobbyist, or even just a little curious, you’ll be fascinated by this loving look at natures sweetest gift!


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